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Learn about the new field of Sustainable Law
with Janelle Orsi and Jenny Kassan of the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC).

Janelle OrsiJenny KassanJanelle Orsi and Jenny Kassan founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) to enable a different kind of economy and help social entrepreneurs with questions that puts them in a legal gray area. They intend to create tools & resources that enable a more sustainable, just and sharing alternative economy.

"What do you call a lawyer who helps people share, cooperate, barter, foster local economies, and build sustainable communities? That sounds like the beginning of a lawyer joke, but actually, it's the beginning of new field of law practice..." Janelle Orsi

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network presents:

The Legal Landscape of Social Enterprise & the Sharing Economy

with Janelle Orsi & Jenny Kassan


Date: Friday, June 3, 2011 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Fe Bland Forum, SBCC West Campus, 721 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Admission: $10:00 / $5:00 students & seniors

Event Description:

We all want a more sustainable society, but what are the legal implications and changes needed to move society beyond the ongoing legal/illegal dance of sustainability and the challenges of emerging local economies?

Please join Jenny Kassan & Janelle Orsi from the Sustainable Law Center (SELC) for a stimulating discussion of sharing economies, collaborative consumption, social enterprise, and other intriguing and promising trends affecting our local economies and livelihoods.

Urban agriculture, community-owned enterprises with locally raised capital, local currencies, barter economies, worker-owned cooperatives, intentional communities, car sharing, these are many of the key ingredients in the transition to more sustainable local economies. What are the possibilities, the challenges, and the practical and legal barriers? How might these trends transform our communities and what steps can we all take to catalyze change?

The evening talk takes place on Friday, June 3, 7pm, at the Fe Bland Forum, SBCC West Campus, 721 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara. Donation $10 general/$5 students & seniors; no reservations required.


Legal Strategies for Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economies

with Janelle Orsi & Jenny Kassan


Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011 - 9:00am - Noon
Location: Santa Barbara Recreation Center, 100 E. Carrillo St, Santa Barbara
Admission: Lawyer 3 MCLE Credits, $125.00 (early bird $100.00 by May 27)
General Public $70.00 (early bird $50.00 by May 27)

To sign up for the workshop only, please click on link below for payment & reservations:

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Event Description:

Jenny Kassan and Janelle Orsi, pioneers in the new field of Sustainability Law, invite entrepreneurs, attorneys, and community-members to learn about the possibilities and challenges presented by an economy built around unique enterprise models, including:

:: social enterprise

:: cooperative enterprise

:: community-owned enterprise

:: community-supported enterprise

:: enterprise in "private club" contexts

:: nonprofit/for-profit hybrids

:: micro-enterprise and "nano-enterprise"

:: barter/gift economy enterprise

Presenters will showcase innovative organizations and enterprises, and discuss their place in the movement to build sustainable and localized economies. Participants will learn about the new organizational structures designed for social enterprise, and the interactions of social enterprise and nonprofit tax exemption. In addition, the workshop will address the unique legal barriers and gray areas that arise in efforts to build more sustainable economies, including those relating to securities laws, employment laws, tax laws, zoning laws, and consumer protection laws.

Jenny Kassan and Janelle Orsi are co-directors of the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), which facilitates the growth of more sustainable and localized economies through education, research, and advocacy to support practices such as barter, sharing, cooperatives, urban agriculture, shared housing, local currencies, community-supported enterprises, and local investing. Janelle and Jenny are co-authors of the American Bar Association's forthcoming book, "Sharing Law: Understanding the Legal Landscape of the Sharing Economy".

Jenny Kassan is an attorney and community development consultant, specializing in creative capital raising and socially responsible ventures. She is the Managing Director of Katovich Law Group, and CEO of Cutting Edge Capital. Her legal practice areas include small business start-up and financing, securities regulation, nonprofit law, business agreements, real estate development, franchising, cooperatives, and assessment districts. Jenny earned a masters degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley and earned her J.D. from Yale Law School.

Janelle Orsi is a "sharing lawyer" in private practice, specializing in helping communities share housing and cars, form cooperatives, launch urban farming initiatives, and form social enterprises. She is co-author of "The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community" (Nolo Press 2009). Janelle earned her J.D. from the UC Berkeley School of Law.


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The Legal Landscape of Social Enterprise & the Sharing Economy

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Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Contact us for more information, margie@sbpermaculture.org, (805) 962-2571.


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