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To inquire about having Pat Foreman come to your community for booksignings, talks, workshops, and school events about City Chickens please contact:

Carla Rosin crosart05@yahoo.com &

Wesley Roe, wes@sbpermaculture.org.

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About the Author:

Patricia Foreman was born and raised in Indiana. She graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Pharmacy and Agriculture (Animal Science, genetics and nutrition). At Indiana University's Graduate School of Public and Environmental Affairs she earned a Masters of Public Affairs (MPA). Her majors were in Health Systems Administration and International Affairs. She completed the Virginia Master Gardener's program in 1999. Pat has kept poultry for over 20 years. Her experience includes having owned and operated a small-scale farm raising free range, organic layers, broilers and turkeys. She keeps a backyard flock of heritage chickens to help with the kitchen garden and egg supply.

Her many awards include a Fulbright Scholarship, and appointment as a Presidential Executive Management Intern. She served as a Science Officer for the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, and has worked in over 30 countries conducting workshops and providing consulting services. Agencies funding projects she has worked on include the U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank, World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization. Pat Foreman received her Permaculture Design Course in 1991 from Bill Mollison the co-creator of Permaculture.

bookbookbookPat is the co-author of several alternative, sustainable agriculture books including: Chicken Tractor, Day Range Poultry, Backyard Market Gardening and A Tiny Home to Call Your Own. logoShe loves to talk and is the co-host, along with Andy Schneider, of the Chicken Whisperer Backyard Poultry and Sustainable Lifestyles Talk Show www.chickenwhisperer.net/. She has been a guest on radio talk and TV shows across America. She is available to facilitate workshops, give presentations, and provide consulting services.

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Workshops that Pat can offer your community:

1. Chicken Whispering: Discover the Chicken You Never Knew: There are ways to handle and communicate with chickens that can result in trust, gentleness and even an emotional bond. But first you must learn how a chicken thinks, and prefers to be treated. It's sometimes not what you think. Some birds can even be trained to serve as therapy chickens and class room assistants. Learn the basics of chicken whispering in this cutting edge seminar.

2. Chickens as Partners Toward Zero Waste: The chickens in your family flock have skill sets that can be used not only for local food production, but also to decrease the amount of "trash" that is collected by the solid waste management system. Learn how your feathered bi-peds can serve as clucking civic workers to help save BIG TIME tax payer dollars, as well as be planet protectors and emergency preparedness partners.

3. Gardening with­and for­Chickens: Chickens have skill sets that can be gainfully employed in backyard gardens. This interactive discussion will give you practical and effective cutting-edge ways to integrate chickens in with your yard and garden. Topics include types of fencing (what works and what doesn't), when to let birds in­and when to keep them out­of specific crops life cycles, bird-scaping, and, best of all, getting wholesome, home-grown food for both you, and your flock. This is truly be a "Think Outside the Coop" workshop.



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